The famous youtuber († 18) killed a mother and daughter with a crazy jog

Young youtuber died in the tragic car crash. But his crazy ride on a luxury shooter has two innocent victims.

There was a huge tragedy in California where three lives were lost. Youtuber Trevor Heitmann († 18), cheat you at full speed in his full-fledged sports car, Aileen Pizarro († 43) with her daughter Aryana († 12). None of the participants in the accident had the chance to survive, British Daily Mail reports.

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The unpleasant took place on Thursday evening when Trevor rode 160 km / h on his luxury McLarene. The young man went to the counter and rushed into Hyundai SUV at full speed, in which she sat with her daughter. Both vehicles ignited and flooded their flames. All three died on the spot. However, it has been speculated that the young youtuber was about to commit suicide, but the police have not yet done so.

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