The flames have killed at least 18 people!

At least 18 people died as a result of a fire at a hotel in Charbin, China. According to local media, the fire broke out around 4:30 am local time. The representative of the local authorities confirmed the number of deaths, but he has no information yet about the injured or the cause of the fire they are currently investigating.

According to state television, the firefighter extinguished the flames that formed the Beilong Hot Spring Hotel on four floors on Saturday morning. 105 firefighters with 30 vehicles were sent to the site. The television also reported that they had rescued 16 people, some of whom had to be hospitalized. Charbin (Cha-er-pin) is the metropolis of Chej-lungi province, which borders on Russia and North Korea. The hotel has a thermal spa.

As the AP says, the ruling Communist Party is trying to increase security after several fires in hotels, shopping centers or residential buildings, but the country is still struggling with such a case. In November 19 people died in a fire in a residential building in Beijing. A similar case in Shanghai in 2010 required 58 deaths.


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