The French Minister for the Environment, Nicolas Hulot, is retiring from his office

The minister withdraws from disappointment about a small shift in political solutions to environmental problems.

The French Minister for the Environment, Nicolas Hulot, announced Tuesday that he is withdrawing from his office. As a reason for his decision, he said disappointment about a small shift in the political solution to climate change and other environmental issues, reported Reuters.

According to him, his departure from the French government is due to disappointment over the lack of steps to tackle climate change and other threats to the environment and to protect biodiversity. Hulot has not yet informed the French president Emmanuel Macron.

Hulot (63), a former journalist, moderator of the natural television program and environmental activist, has been working in the ministry since 17 May 2017. Before he accepted Macron's offer to run the ministry, he always resisted joining a government that would rather fight outside Party.

Public support

Hulot has enjoyed great public support for a long time, and his departure from the government will be a big strike for Macron, whose popularity is currently record-breaking.

Speaker Benjamin Griveaux, shortly after the announcement of resignation by Hulot, said his departure was unfortunate. "I do not understand why he retires when we have achieved so many successes in the first year he just signed in. We will not be able to spam easily," BDM TV spokesman said.

Hulot, frustrated by the French government's determination to reduce the country's dependence on nuclear power, announced its departure after the government had said it would moderate hunting laws. This measure is intended to strengthen Macron's popularity in rural areas, writes Reuters.

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