The Germans were detained in Turkey, after the release they did not expect any protests in Chemnitz

Mešale Toluová points to a dangerous shift to the right.

The German journalist Mehale Tolu, who returned home in August after being arrested in Turkey for accusations of terrorist-related activities, expressed her concern about protests in the German city of Chemnitz.

In a DPA interview, Tolu said on Sunday that she had been shocked by demonstrations in Germany, which she says are taking place at a time when "dangerous shifts to the right" are taking place in some countries.

In the past week, the city has witnessed various protests and protests from right-wing groups, in which reports on violence and anti-demotion have appeared. It happened after they marched in the city on 26 August to the death of 35-year-old Nemca. The two suspects, Iracan and Syrcan, were detained and placed in the investigation.

Screenshots of the protests are a source of horror

"In Turkey I said I want to go back to Germany for safety and protection – and then those chemnitz photos," Tolu said, adding that the protest was a bit awful.

"In Germany we learn about dictatorship in schools, we know that there was a period when people were systematically persecuted, banned or murdered, and you fear that something like that could happen again," Tolu added. According to her, this was exactly the case in the past: "At that time it was tolerated until it was too late."

Tolu was detained in April last year and spent eight months in a Turkish prison. He was released from the investigation last December, but forbade him to leave the country. Only in August the travel ban was canceled.

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