The Indonesian island of Lombok once again suffered a strong earthquake

Earthquake caused material damage

19. Aug 2018 at 7:51 (updated on 19. Aug 2018 at 15:50) TASR

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JAKARTA. A heavy earthquake that suffered local time on Sunday afternoon under the Indonesian island of vacationers, causing landslides and damage to buildings

The island is still only spamming an earthquake in early August that claimed hundreds of victims

Noeth Sunday No more deaths or wounds were reported in the evening, AP reported.

A new earthquake

The USGS US Geological Survey determined the size of the earthquake at 6.3. The epicenter was located in the northeast of Lombok and took place at a depth of seven kilometers

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The shores also felt on the nearby Indonesian islands Bali and Sumbawa and a few minutes earlier A magnitude earthquake of 5.4 magnitude, also in the northeast of Lombok

The AP reporter in Lombok said that the shocks caused landslides on the slopes of the active volcano Rinjani and panic among villagers in villages

The video of the Indonesian Red Cross captured huge columns of dust rising from the slopes of the mountain.

Interwoven engines of the earthquake and in the area of ​​Sembulan recorded damage to buildings, including a local town hall that collapsed. The town hall damaged the previous shocks of 5 August. Damaged buildings and mosques

No injuries or deaths have been reported yet, but the information is still being collected, according to a spokesperson for Sutopo Purwo Nugro, a state-owned disaster relief agency. On 5 August, Lombok claimed at least 460 victims, damaged tens of thousands of houses and drove hundreds of thousands of residents out of their homes

The volcano Rinjani was closed because of the earthquake in July, which killed 16 people, caused landslides and imprisoned hundreds of tourists on this mountain

Indonesia often suffers from earthquakes and explosions of volcanoes due to the fact that this archipelago occurred on the

In December 2004, a massive earthquake with a force of 9.1 on the Indonesian island of Sumatra caused a tsunami that killed 230,000 people in more than 12 countries. Southeast Asia has killed

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