The Israeli army clambered through the house of the Palestinian who overcame three people

The Israeli army announced on Tuesday that it was in Prejordan with a Palestinian country that had killed an Israeli citizen in July. AP reported.

The army published a report on the demolition of the family home by a bulldozer in the village of Kauber near the Palestinian city of Ramallah in the West Bank.

Stones and fire bombs

The army said that dozens of Palestinians protesting against demolition threw Israeli soldiers of stone and incendiary bombs. The army responded by crowding the crowd, which usually means tear gas and flash grenades, says AP.

Seventeen-year-old Palestinian youth penetrated the Jewish settlement Adam (Geva Binjamin) on July 26 and conquered three people in one house. One man later got his injuries. The attackers shot down on the spot.

Israeli officials say that the demolition of houses belonging to the perpetrators of the attacks is preventive. Critics of this practice oppose that it is a tactic that is adjacent to the application of the principle of collective debt.

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