The Kremlin has refused compensation for the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states

Russia does not agree with the fact that the rebels, when the Baltic states were part of the Soviet Union, called the occupation.

Russia opposes the occupation of the period when the Baltic republics were part of the former Soviet Union, and rejects the possibility of discussing any compensation. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoted by TASS, said on Wednesday.

The speaker has responded to the intentions of Estonia and Latvia to demand compensation from Russia for the period of the alleged Soviet occupation. In his words, it is an old topic that in the long term misuses hotheads and that brings nothing new.

"In general we do not agree with the term" Soviet occupation "We reject the possibility of interviews about possible damages We may not contribute to the infrastructure, the economic and social development of the Baltic states during the Soviet era do not lose sight of, "Peskov said.

Joint statement

The Estonian Minister of Justice Urmas Reinsal and his Latvian counterpart Dzintars Rashns intend to demand compensation from the Russian Federation for Soviet occupation. In a joint statement, they stressed the importance of withholding this period and considering Russia as the legal successor of the USSR for compensation of alleged damages.

Ministers also said that they were prepared to decide on the matter on the basis of a system of international law at the UN level, a news agency of the Estonian Ministry of Justice announced on Tuesday.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania signed a joint declaration three years ago on the need to claim compensation for alleged damage to the Soviet occupation. According to TASS, Vilnius said earlier that in this respect Lithuania could claim $ 30 billion in damages from Moscow.

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