The leader of the Islamic State has called on supporters to continue the fight

The leader of the Islamic Republic of Abu Bakr Baghdadi called on his deputies on Wednesday to continue fighting. It was his first sound recording after about a year.

The DPA, which was unable to independently verify its authenticity, was informed.

"You have no other choice if you want to live in dignity, go back to your religion and fight with the enemy," said Baghdad by appealing to his supporters in Syria.

"It's not just about carrying weapons, but also … accepting nothing except Sharia law and dying to achieve that," he said in a 55-minute message published by the media organization of the Islamic state of Furkan.

He also attacked the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for supporting the fight against the Islamic state. He said that America is going through the worst period of its existence, and Russia is competing with the US for influence in the region.

"The Caliphate supporters, wherever you are, in the media or on the battlefield, we say the state is fine," Baghdad said, adding that his supporters would not be concerned about the loss of the places they were in. Syria and Iraq controlled. also expressed some of the events that took place in the region this month.

Baghdad in 2014 proclaimed the self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria and neighboring Iraq. His latest recording dates from September 2017.

In recent months, the Islamic state suffered military defeats and lost most of its territory in Syria and Iraq, although militants still controlled small parts of the territory in both countries.

The fate and residence of Baghdad remain unknown, despite the few accusations that he is already dead.

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