The Malaysian authorities have seized grids of $ 12 million

The Malaysian authorities have seized rhino horns worth almost $ 12 million. This is the largest contraband of its kind caught in this Asian country. The illegal shipment left for Vietnam, reported Reuters Monday.

According to experts, Malaysia is the most important transit point for people smugglers and endangered species to neighboring countries. In this case, the authorities seized 50 rhinos with a total weight of 116 kilograms at the Kuala Lumpur freight terminal.

The smuggled goods also contained nine frames of tigers and bears, the exact species of which will have to be determined by DNA testing. The authorities assume that the shipment comes from Africa and that it was the Vietnamese metropolis Hanoi. Kontraband would have to leave Malaysia without proper permission, authorities say.

World rhino trade is prohibited under the UN Convention, but in certain Asian countries this substance is valued as an ingredient in preparations used for the treatment of various diseases, from fever to cancer. Malaysia has forged $ 3.1 million in Rhinestones.

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