The man took the car with the corpse

The chance to steal a luxury chevrolet was used by a thief in central Mexico.

The vehicle with an extended loading compartment lured him with the keys they left inside. The man did not notice that there was a coffin in the freighter with the deceased, which he had taken with him for an unplanned "the last path".

According to the AP, a 40-year-old man was left behind by the unlocked Chevrolet Silverado, who stood in front of the Guadalajara hospital. With the coffin and body of an 80-year-old man running away on the highway leading to the city of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, where the police caught it.

The police prosecution took several tens of minutes before the thief was detained. The body of the dead man then went to the crematorium, while his "kidnapper" was in custody.

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