The man who is accused of attacking an agent is tried on Tuesday

Miroslav M. was in the past considered a strong man of the Slovak underworld.

The head hearing with Miroslav M., considered in the past as a strong man of the Slovak underworld, is planned for the court of Bratislava I on Tuesday 4 September.

In July, the trial was adjourned due to the absence of a defendant's accused, who rejected absence by taking leave. This is an attack on a policeman.

He was confronted or got fleeing for further crimes

On the basis of a decision in the court in Zlín, Miroslav M. served in the last part of a ten-year prison sentence for the extortion of entrepreneurs.

In addition to attacking a public official in Slovakia, he was faced with legal proceedings for further offenses in the courts in Trenčín and Považská Bystrica.

The Bratislava District Court would have to deal with the case in 2009 in the Constitution for custody and imprisonment in Bratislava.

He denies the investigator with his fist in his head

According to the prosecutor, Miroslav M. had to hit the head of the police investigator. The accused denies his fault. He is already in prison in Slovakia and the Czech authorities have sent him to the Slovak Republic.

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