The man who participated in the planning of the murder of Russian journalist Babchenka was convicted

KYEV, September 2 ( – A man involved in planning the murder of Russian opposition logic Arkadiy Babchenko has sentenced four and a half years in prison. This is reported by the Ukrainian State Security Service.

Borys Herman, who reportedly was a mediator between contacts in Russia and assassin in Kiev, blamed himself and agreed to cooperate with the researchers.

The Ukrainian secret service of the SBU led to the death of a journalist, allowing him to discover the Russian conspiracy against him. Herman, who worked for the Ukrainian-German armament company, would have paid the "murder" in Kiev as soon as they informed the media about this. A contract killer was also part of the shotgun operation. Moscow called it a provocation.

The 48-year-old Babchenko is a keen critic of the Kremlin and condemns the annexation of the Crimea, the support of separatists in the east of Ukraine and the Russian activities in Syria. Last year, for fear of his life, he left Russia and settled in Ukraine.

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