The mayor of Brittany has banned bathing on the beach because of the cozy dolphin economy

In the beach town of Landevennec in the west of France, a weekly ban on swimming and diving due to the presence of dolphin jumping. The town hall was worried that the three-meter dolphin, nicknamed Zafar, would try to reach people.

He only had a few seasons and did not have a good partner. On Monday the ban was lifted after the cuddly dolphin of water around Landevennec had left, wrote the website of Franceinfo.

The animal enjoyed a few weeks of local visitors, but when the mating season came, the ships and swimmers began to approach too much. According to franceinfo, some people came to complain to the town hall, and mayor Roger Lars issued a ban on bathing after Zafar had swallowed the nose and lifted her across the surface.

"I have proclaimed this prohibition for the safety of people," said the mayor. However, lawyer Erwan Le Cornec from nearby Quimper told the media that he would complain to a court. "How much in Finistère did we have dolphin accidents while our two species live side by side?" "No," he said.

However, according to franceinfo, large loner dolphins such as Zafar can be kept unpredictable. "Although some people find it unaffordable, they are advised to do this with the utmost caution in the presence of these aquatic mammals," wrote a French television server.

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