The Minister of Justice opposed Trump to investigate the alleged influence of Russia in the elections

BRATISLAVA, August 24 ( – In Washington, tensions between President Donald Trump and his Minister of Justice, Jeff Sessions, were on Thursday against his boss.

A few days later, during which Trump attacked him both on Twitter and in the media reports, Sessions said that the pressure of the president would not diminish and that nobody would dictate how he should fulfill his duties.

"As long as I am the Minister of Justice, the steps of this ministry will not be unduly influenced by political demands," indicated sessions.

He gave up his powers

The main problem between Trump and Sessionson is to investigate Russia's alleged interference in the US presidential campaign in 2016, which Trump cast in the chairman's chair, according to US intelligence services and the findings of US investigators, with the support of Russia. Dozens of Trump attacks urged Sessions to stop this investigation because he thinks he is damaging the country, but Sessions has always rejected it.

Michael Cohen

The Minister of Justice at the request of Trump has repeatedly replied that he himself is not authorized to stop the investigation by the special researcher Robert Mueller. Sessions had decided to abandon the powers of the team, which has since been under State Secretary Rod Rosenstein.

Sessions then stated that he wanted nothing to do with investigating Russia's alleged relationship with the current US government of which it is a part. It's just that Trump can not forgive these days, and he's still coming back to this topic.

Trump & # 39; s view on Sessions

"It is very sad, Jeff Sessions has surrendered his powers, and he should not have done this, or to tell me in advance," announced this week for Trump in a Fox News television interview.

"Even my enemies say to me," Jeff Sessions would tell you that he would give up his powers, and in that case he would not even mention him. "He first took the job (the position of Minister of Justice, SITA) and then said:" I give the forces & # 39 ;. I say, What is this man, " Trump described his current view on Sessions in Fox News.

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