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The National Summit placed a crown on the monument for the victims of all wars in #photo #video in Ljubljana

On 1 November, the day of the commemoration of the dead, the President of the Republic of Borut Pahor, accompanied by a state delegation, crowned the monument for all victims of wars and war-related casualties along the Ljubljana Congress Square. The laying of the wreath was accompanied by ointments from the cannons of the troops of the Slovenian forces, the sound of the trumpets of the police orchestra and the quartet of singers.

Pahor was accompanied by the President of the National Assembly during the central commemoration ceremony on the day of the commemoration of the dead Dejan JidanPrime Minister Marjan Šarec, Chairman of the National Council Alojz Kovšca, Deputy Head of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Alenka Ermenc and Acting Director General of the Police Tatjana Bobnar.

The central memorial for the victims of all the wars afflicted by the Slovenian nation has since July last year called for reconciliation and unity on the Congresplein. Since this year, the ceremony of placing a wreath at the monument of reconciliation is also part of the program of all official visits by high foreign statesmen and the central place for the laying of wreaths on 1 November.

Journalist: Marko Gregorc / Video: Planet TV

"My presence here today is a symbolic act"

We must do our best to make this monument more conciliatory, Kovšca said on the edge of today's ceremony and added: "My presence here today is a symbolic act, with which I want to show all citizens of Slovenia that it is time is that we also find peace and reconciliation when we found peace and reconciliation with other nations, those who were attackers in our homeland in the First and Second World Wars. & # 39;

On the day of the memory of the dead Kovsca, the Slovenians report that they "respect the holiness of life, respect the sanctity of love and peace". On Wednesday, he remembered, he laid a crown on Teharh and Frankol and emphasized the belief that all people who died for their homeland died in the belief that they are doing their best to work for freedom and for people. "It is not right that we do not treat them in the same way as after death, and it is good that we accept their sacrifice as it is and it is good that we try to prevent the Slovenes from swerving their arms or arms from the Slovenes. raise, "he concluded.


Representatives of the state laid wreaths on monuments and monuments

Židan and Šarec then moved to the Žale from the center of the city, where they laid wreaths at the memorial for those who were killed in the war for Slovenia in 1991, in memory of the dead and the dead in the struggle against the occupiers of Slovenia from 1941 to 1945, to the basis of the reconciliation and the bot of the victims of the First World War. Even before the central ceremony, the prime minister put a wreath on the monument of Rudolf Maister in Kamnik.

Representatives of the state attended commemoration in the afternoon and laid wreaths on various monuments and monuments at home and abroad. Minister of Culture Dejan Prešiček It is He also laid a wreath at the tomb of the modernists in Žalah. At the grave in St. Urh, above Ljubljana, a solemn ceremony took place where the European member addressed Igor Šoltes (Green).

President of the SLS Marjan Podobnik he laid a wreath at a partisan grave in Cerkno and a memorial to the victims of the revolutionary terror in Lajš. In Maribor a ceremony was held in the central commemoration space of the Partisan cemetery on the cemetery. The most important commemoration ceremony of the municipality of Nova Gorica took place in the memorial park in Trnovo pri Gorici. He was honorary chairman of the SAB Andrej Šušmelj.

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