The New Zealand minister praised the atypical act of: going straight to the bike

Genterová, who is a passionate cyclist, did not go under difficult circumstances of her newborn birth with a possible outflow of amniotic fluid. She went to the hospital in Auckland on the 42nd week of pregnancy to make the delivery artificial.

She also warned that she had used an electric bicycle and that the road usually led uphill. "" Let's have fun with our partner because there was not enough room in the car … but it made me moody, " added.

<img src =" https: // img / big / 2238051.jpg / Julie-Genterova.jpg "title =" Julie Genterová "alt =" Source: Twitter / nzherald

In June, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand gave birth to a girl in the Government of New Zealand. Cases of working mothers in politics have increased in recent years. For example, in the European Parliament, a Member of Parliament can also vote for her young children. In the Australian parliament, mothers can feed their babies undisturbed or feed on a bottle

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