The number of earthquake and tsunami victims in Indonesia has increased

The official number of deaths after the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami wave last week by the Indonesian island of Sulawesi rose to 1558.

Referring to the Indonesian emergency response office, Reuters reported today. Today's previous data reported 1424 deaths. However, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokeswoman, warned that the bodies and mud had not yet received all the bodies and that the number of deaths would continue to rise. The French rescue team announced that they had seen signs of life in the ruins of the hotel in the center of Sulawesi – six days after the earthquake.

The group uses sensors that can detect breathing or heart activity. Philippe Besson, under the Pompiers de l & # 39; urgencie, said that a hidden person under a concrete block could not make contact, and that sensors sometimes cause a false alarm, for example when they detect gas. Moreover, the French did not have the heavy technology available to arrive on Friday morning. The Indonesian police have announced that in areas affected by land shocks on the island Sulawesi was arrested for the detention of 92. For example, they took motor oil, tires, tiles or agricultural tools. Humanitarian aid to the affected areas is slowly flowing, and many people have started shopping in the past few days.

The authorities have said that people only have to get food and other necessary things from the stores and that retailers are later reimbursed. A 7.5-degree earthquake last week triggered a tsunami wave that reached six meters in some places and cut off coastal areas. Almost all victims come from the city of Palu, where about 380,000 people live. Heavily wounded were about 2,500 people, earthquakes, tsunamis, and mudslides that destroyed more than 70,000 homes.

The Palo Airport, which was also destroyed by the earthquake, should be in service today for civilian traffic. Some stores and banks were also open and Palo also has the largest mobile network in use. Connection to remote areas is not yet connected and electricity still does not work in many places. The UN estimates that humanitarian aid needs 200,000 people and that it provides $ 15 million in aid.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health has stated that the priority currently lies in the air evacuation of wounded and other victims, the supply of drinking water facilities, generators and statutes or other forms of temporary shelter. Food, fuel and medical assistance are also needed. Help has been offered so far by 18 countries. Military aircraft from India and Singapore arrived in the country. After the two planes to supply and transport the wounded, they already promised Singapore, South Korea, Great Britain and Malaysia. Military specialists want to send Japan and Qatar further to expect permission. Nowadays there is also first aid from Australia – air mail includes clothing, food preparation sets, cements and emergency shelters.

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