The police in Barcelona shot at the attacker with a knife, allegedly attacked them and called "Allah"

  • updated on August 20, 21:18

MADRID, August 20 ( – The police in Catalonia investigate the attack of a man with a knife at a police station in Barcelona as a terrorist act. Commissioner Rafael, from the Catalan police, has told journalists that they are currently investigating a terrorist attack because it "an extremely serious case with a premeditated attack"To kill the police.

The attacker called "Allah", and other words that the police did not understand, is added, adding that there is no evidence to link this case to the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. Investigations also help Spanish secret services.

The man who lived in a nearby apartment stood at 05:45 for a closed police station in the Cornell suburb of llobregat. According to Comes, he repeatedly called and communicated with the police present. After they dropped him, he pulled out a large knife and started attacking. The police then shot him down.

The man had documents, the police are currently investigating whether they are right. Authorities have not found a criminal record regarding the man mentioned on the documents, but they scan international police databases where they are looking for a possible match with fingerprints, Comes said. The police prevented the eviction of the apartment complex where the man lived. The property is searched by forensic teams with trained dogs and pyrotechnics.

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