The Senc family claims that his condition is critical

The state of health of Ukrainian film director Oleh Sencova, who is holding a 100-day hunger strike in a Russian prison, is of crucial importance.

Referring to the filmmaker Nataja Kaplan's statement, the AP press agency said Tuesday. Sencova was held in Crimea in 2014 after Russia invaded this peninsula. The court sent him to a 20-year prison for planning a terrorist act, the filmmaker himself denies, whose release was mentioned by many Western politicians and countless artists.

Senators punish a verdict imposed by the Russian court in a prison camp in the city of Labytnangi on the west bank of the autonomous circuit Jamalskoneneck in Urale. Fourteen May began protest hunger strike for the release of 65 Ukrainians imprisoned in Russia – including himself – which he calls political prisoners.

The filmmaker of sister Naraja Kaplanova said on Tuesday that AP The senec is in critical condition in the intensive care unit. But the family does not have complete information about his health, she added. As the AP goes on to state in his report, the allegations of Russian prison authorities contradict reports of deteriorating film health. Senators have received food supplements.

The Russian Ombudsman Tatiana Moskaľkov immediately denied the statement of the director's sister. For RIA Novosti, the Russian press agency said that prison management had sent the doctors on Monday to review the health of the film. His state of health is, according to their conclusions, satisfactory. About 50 people protested Tuesday before the Russian embassy in the Ukrainian capital Kiev and in their hands were posters with inscriptions: Red Oleha Sencova!

Ukrainian officials repeated their appeal to the Russian authorities on Tuesday to release this filmmaker. "No meeting or international negotiation will take place, not to call world leaders for proactivity and urgency in the Kremlinto release Oleha and, of course, all other prisoners, "said President Petar Poroshenko, Ukrainian president.

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