The Sicilian volcano Etna ignites ash and lava again

The Etna volcano was brewing lava and stone up to 150 meters high.

The Etna volcano on the Italian island of Sicily is starting to show an increased activity by spewing ashes and pieces of lava into the air. He informed the Italian national geophysical and volcanological institute (INGV), which was taken over by AP.

Etna was recently awakened at the end of July, but her work got bigger proportions on Thursday evening and almost threw out incandescent lava, some up to 150 meters high. On Friday, the volcanic activity continued with the dusting of ash, the clouds of which protruded a few hundred feet above the crater.

In the cities at the foot of Mount Etna no evacuation has yet been announced.

Etna is a height of 3350 meters above sea level, the highest active volcano in Europe. The inhabitants of Sicily use fertile slopes for agricultural purposes. The volcano is also a favorite destination for tourists, AP recalled.

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