The Slovakian village of Beluj is the old bicycle

The public areas in the village of Beluj are unconventionally furnished. Old and unnecessary bicycles turned into unconventional flower stands.
Photo: EASYFOTO TASR – Jana Vodnáková

In the village of Beluj public spaces have been chosen to decorate unconventionally. Old and superfluous bicycles became flower stalls. One of them looks at the entrance of the village up close.

Mayor Monika Zlesikova approached that the idea to decorate the village was so unusually worn by local resident Zuzana Paukovic. "The realization took place in the winter months, and the old bicycles had to be shaken, rebuilt and ready to be displayed, the village bought flower pots and, of course, colors," she said, putting them in the spring.

The original decoration that they want to leave in the village all year round. According to the mayor of the bicycle, the attention of the passers-by also attracts attention. "I must say that she has a very good answer," she said as she watched them stop and photographed cyclists walking through the village.

Flowers have a local bus stop in Beluji decorated in the middle of the village. It is decorated with a pumpkin made of pots and planted with flowers.

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