The Spanish enclave of Ceuta penetrated about 100 migrants from Morocco

Migrants used lime and acid against the police.

Dozens of migrants have tried Wednesday to overcome the fences that separate the Spanish North African enclave Ceuta from Morocco. About a hundred of them came to the European Union, informs the Spanish news agency Europa Press.

The Spanish Guardia Civil at Twitters said that migrants were burned with acidic and non-extinguished limes by seven police officers.

The last massive attempts to reach the EU through this territory lasted about a month after more than 600 migrants traversed the six-meter barbed wire fence – separating Ceuta from Morocco, AP said.

Border barriers around Ceuta and the other Spanish enclave Melilla try to solve thousands of illegally living Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco each year. Their goal is to travel to the European Union without making a dangerous trip across the Mediterranean.

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