The storm on Sicily required ten lives

In Sicily, ten people died in a storm and one man is missing. Most victims asked for a rising river near Palermo, where the divers collected nine bodies from the flooded house near Palermo.

The accident happened in Casteldaccia, not far from Palermo, where the river grew rapidly due to heavy rainfall. The victims are members of two families, including children between three and fifteen, according to the Italian media. Mayor Casteldaccie Giovanni Di Giacinto he pointed out that this is a big tragedy.

The tenth death demanded the storm on Vicari. One person is missing in Corleone.

Storms with strong winds and abundant rains that have been devastated throughout Italy for a week have claimed a total of 27 deaths and caused a great deal of material damage. One of the worst affected regions is the Veneto region in northern Italy, which is visited today by the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini.

Weathermen predict the heavy rainfall for today.

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