The United States to Germany deported the ex-custodian from the concentration camp

Jakiw Palij worked as a guard in the concentration camp Trawiniki in 1943. Participation in war crimes.

21. Aug. 2018 at 12:12 PM SITA

NEW YORK. The United States of America deported to Germany a 95-year-old former guard of the Nazi concentration camp Trawniki.

It happened 14 years after his expulsion ordered the court.

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Participation in the Holocaust is hidden

At the deportation of Jakiwa Palija on Tuesday, the White House informed the White House that the deportations were preceded by extensive talks with "President Donald Trump and his team" with "major European allies." The man was deported to Germany Tuesday morning.

After the Second World War he fled to the US, where he confiscated his presence at the Holocaust and claimed to be a farmer and a factory worker. For many years he lived there as a designer and later as a pensioner.

In connection with his past, the researchers confronted him in 1993 when they found his name on the Nazi list and his former colleague said he is "living somewhere in America".

Ten years later, the court took his citizenship and in 2004 he ordered his deportation. Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other states did not want to accept it. That is why he lived in his home in Queens, New York, which prompted various protests against the Jewish community there.

He gave way to work in the camp

According to the US Department of Justice, Palij served Trawniks in 1943. The pensioner acknowledged that he had worked in the camp, but denied that he was involved in war crimes.

The fate of Palijov in Germany is still unknown. The interior ministries of the Interior and Justice, as well as Angela Merkel's office, have not yet discussed the situation.

However, the German prosecutors have already stated that there is apparently insufficient evidence against Palij to accuse him of war crimes.

Palij & s deportation is the first in connection with the crimes of the Second World War since 2009, when the United States deported the former Nazi overseer John Demjanjuk. The man sentenced more than 28,000 people to murder in Germany in 2011.

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