The US do not dare to attack Iran

Iranian President Hasan Rahan said in direct conversation why the US are afraid to attack Iran.

The United States does not dare to attack Iran because it is aware of the military power of the Islamic Republic and the high costs of a possible conflict. According to Reuters, Iranian president Hasan Rhuhan said Tuesday.

Preparation to fight

"Why do not the United States attack us because of our strength because they know what the consequences are," the Iranian president said in a speech on Iranian state television.

Ruthhani further said that Iran should develop its military power to prevent other states from occupying their territory and resources.

"We need to prepare for the fight against the armed forces who want to occupy our territory and our raw materials," said Rughaj in a speech on the occasion of the National Defense Industry Day.

Iran presented a new fighter plane on this day on Tuesday. This happened at a time when tensions between Tehran and regional rivals in connection with conflicts in the Middle East increased.

The Kosar machine is home-made, capable of carrying various types of weapons and will be used for short air support missions, according to the Iranian press agency.

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