The US does not tolerate Russia's intervention in the elections

US National Security Adviser John Bolton warned Moscow of interference in elections in the United States in November this year.

Bolton said in a meeting with Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, in Geneva. Bolton also said that during the interview, Patruševa also addressed the issue of the tightening of economic sanctions against Iran and discussing the gradual end of the Iranian presence in Syria, reported Reuters.

This was the first high-level summit between the US and Russia since the July summit in Helsinki, Finland, according to the data protection authority. "I have clearly said that we will not tolerate interference (in the elections) in 2018 and that we will have taken the necessary steps to prevent this", Bolton told a press conference after meeting with his Russian colleague for more than five hours.

The United States has imposed economic sanctions on Russia in connection with interfering with the US presidential elections in 2016. Moscow denies these accusations. Bolton also said that the problem of alleged Russian interference in the American elections prevented an agreement on the ultimate joint position of both parties.

The subject of the talks was renewed sanctions against Iran by the US. Bolton summed up that, after this year's decision of the US to withdraw from an international agreement of 2015 aimed at limiting Tehran's nuclear program, the Trump administration. "to develop maximum pressure on the (Iranian) regime" by introducing more extensive and effective sanctions.

Another priority of the talks was to discuss how Iranian units from Syria could be downloaded. According to Bolton, Washington wants to leave the country of Iran in a long-standing conflict, but rejects Moscow's proposal to make the process dependent on an American concession. Patrusev added after the meeting that both parties agreed to renew communication between the defense ministries of the two countries, informed the Russian state agency TASS.

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