The US has 5200 troops in Iraq

The armed forces of America will remain in Iraq for as long as necessary to stabilize the previously dominated jihadists of the Islamic State (IS).

This was reported on Sunday by a United States spokesman led by an international coalition that led these militants, reported Reuters. " We will keep soldiers there until there is a necessity for us … The main reason behind IS's military defeat is the attempt to stabilize," Colonel Sean Ryan said at a press conference in Abu Dhabi [19659003] Islamic state has “/>

However, the number of US soldiers in Iraq may be reduced depending on when the NATO unit will be deployed in the country to help train the Iraqi army, Ryan said. He added that are currently about 5,200 troops in Iraq . NATO Ministers of Defense agreed in February on a larger training and advisory mission in Iraq after the United States called on the alliance to help stabilize this country after three years of war against IS

Iraq has officially won the victory on IS militants announced in last December, five months after the recapture of their bastion, the city of Mósul in the north of the country . The United States also has approximately 2,000 soldiers in Syria, where they support the Kurdish leadership-led Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) to fight ISIS jihadists at smaller sites that are still under control at the Iraq border

told reporters that he was intensifying the cooperation between the SDF and the Iraqi security forces (ISF), which so far have in common with the international coalition, has now also begun to communicate with each other. The Iraqi army has carried out several air strikes against the IS in Syria since the last few days, with the approval of Syrian President Bashar Assad and the United States coalition. SDF & # 39; s operations aimed at eliminating militants on the Syrian side of the border slow down the hundreds of explosive devices that the IS has set up, Ryan added

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