The US imposed sanctions on a Slovak company

The United States imposed sanctions on Tuesday on two Russians, a Russian and a Slovak company.

As a reason they have said that their behavior has helped other Russian companies to avoid sanctions against harmful Russian activities.

The US Treasury Department stated in its statement that the sanctioned companies – Petroleum Vela-Marine Ltd and Slovak Lacno, s.r.o. – and two people helped the Russian company Divetechnoservices to circumvent the sanctions.

The United States imposed sanctions on Divetechno services in June for providing fraudulent equipment and diving systems for Russian government agencies, including the secret service FSB.

The government of US President Barack Obama introduced sanctions against the FSB in December 2016. The reason for this was the aggressive intimidation of US officials by the Russian government and cyber operations aimed at the presidential elections in 2016.

The US Treasury Department said that the memories of two people – Marina Igorevna Carev and Anton Alexandrovich Nagibin – Divetechnoservices helped to circumvent American sanctions.

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