The US Secretary of State has opposed Trump's criticism

US Secretary of Justice Jeff Sessions has said that his department has too many political influences in response to recent criticism from President Donald Trump. AP reported on Friday.

"Although I am the Minister of Justice, this ministry will not be affected by political causes," he said on Thursday through his Sessions spokesman.

He responded to the words of Donald Trump, who again criticized him for renouncing Russia's involvement in the US presidential election in 2016 and possibly joining members of the Trump election team with Moscow.

The US president often suggests that Sessions did nothing to protect him from an investigation by the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, because his supervisor entrusted the supervision of Rod Rosenstein.

"He took the job and then said that he distanced himself, and I asked what a man is," said Trump on Thursday in a news interview for Fox News, adding that Sessions had never taken the Justice Department. .

Judicial hearing with former employees of Trump

Trump, according to his own words, said Trump only because he was one of the first people to support him when he decided to stand as a candidate for the presidency.

"I took the lead of the Justice Department on the day I made the promise," he replied to the presidential words of Sessions.

Presidential statements came in a week in which his former lawyer Michael Cohen committed known financial fraud during the Trump election campaign, including the payment of money to silence some of the people and to incite the head of state to his crimes.

Paul Manaforth, former head of the Trump election campaign, also recognized the jury for several crimes, including money laundering and tax and bank fraud, up to 80 years in prison.

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