The US will reduce its contribution to the UN budget

The United States will reduce their contribution to the budget of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). On Thursday, US President John Bolton advised US President Donald Trump for national security, according to news agency AP.

This would cause OHCHR to lose one of its largest financial sponsors. The United States is the largest individual donor to the United Nations, with a financial contribution of about 22 percent of the organization's budget.

In an interview with AP Bolton, US officials have calculated how much of the annual budget of the United States is to finance the OHCHR and the UN Human Rights Council, which has 47 member states, and will reduce spending.

The current UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zajd Raad Hussein, will transfer the mandate of his successor, the former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, on 31 August.

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