The war of George and Petr Paroubek is on the rise

They played the war. In the family of the former Czech Prime Minister, Jiří Paroubek (66).

His former wife, Peter (44), accused him of illegal income, which had to be counted in millions of Czech crowns. Well-known politics did not remain the former employee has nothing to do with the fact that he has earnably deserved the suspect lobist.

Former spouses have long argued for alimony for a joint daughter. Paroubek is about to stand before the elections in the Czech Senate. The scandal can close him well. Petra accused him of receiving dirty money. "I will not say where those funds are or what they used to consume, " Paroubková said in a conversation with the list that she had millions of illegal income. In the past Petra & # 39; s husband defended his whereabouts. "I thought Jiří Paroubek was a person at home other than the one acting in public where he could be deceived and manipulative," she told Blesk.

At the same time, he adds that the money can legally be handled by his former husband, so that no one can come to them. She not only contacted the police. Together they had a house in Greece that was written only for Peter. Now it emerged that she sold it. He claims that he paid him debts and tuition fees for his daughter. "When I left the man, I did not have any money, even though he claims to have stolen the money from the house safe." When there was a chance to sell the house, even though it was my heart problem, I took advantage of it " , adds Paroubková. This step was startled by Jiří when the house of common money was bought. "It was a baby, and the crown did not fall apart from my licentiousness either," He concluded.

Paroubek refuses to take some dirty money. "I was not paid by the taxpayer's money that Mr. Horáček had stolen from the taxpayer. You have to ask him why he talks about dirty money. They are fatal lies. The last year and a half, my friends are constantly threatening and attacking a former woman on the street. It's a campaign and I'm ready to face it, "Paroubek said.

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