The whalers have caught nearly 200 whales

Japanese whalers took a total of 177 whales during a three-month mission in the Northeast Pacific.

This is the result of the report released by the Japanese government on Wednesday. According to data from the Japanese Fisheries Agency (JFA), a "fact-finding mission" in the Pacific participated in a fleet of three ships that have already returned to Japan.

A total of 43 miners were captured in the 98-day period and 134 were in the north. The data obtained during the mission will be analyzed according to the needs of scientific research.

Commercial whaling has been universally prohibited since 1986. Japan remains, despite international criticism, in regular whaling, albeit officially only for scientific purposes.

Tokyo also says that hunting these marine mammals is part of Japanese culture. According to critics, the Japanese use existing gaps in international law and alleged scientific research is only a pretext for commercial hunting. During the previous four-year mission near Antarctica, which ended in March this year, JThey have captured the 333 wrapping knobs.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Japan in 2014 to end regular fishing in the Antarctic, with the fact that this project does not comply with conventional scientific standards.

Japan then suspended it, but in 2015 it has come back again. During the next meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which will take place in September 2018, Tokyo will propose to abolish a valid whaling moratorium.

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