The woman accused Paroubek of taking illegal millions. He sends him a hard link!

In the picture, Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek is still with Petra Paroubkova & # 39; s wife

Serious costs! The wife of the former Czech Prime Minister Jiří Paroubek Petr still seems not to have said the last word. After stormy links through media and immigrants for divorce, she now investigated information about his illegal income. According to her words, they should be in millions of Czech crowns. What does Paroubek say about her words?

Once, his love for life can now be closed. After the 10-year marriage of Paroubek Petra Paroubková left suddenly. Apart from that they have lived for a year and a half and since then Paroubek has had one hit after another. The court ruled that, despite his request for alternative care, their daughter, Margarita (8), would be raised exclusively by her mother. Paroubek only has to pay the food of 10,000 crowns. Later, a court session took place in which Petra demanded 150,000 crowns from Paroubek. The expatriate then stated that he could not afford it as a retired man.

Now everything can be completely different. "I will not say where the financial resources are or what they consume," said Paroubkova, saying she was worried about her life. I'm afraid I'm on a car somewhere, "she explains, claiming at least part of the evidence, with the recordings of Paroubkov and the 2014 election campaign, which he says must be huge for millions.

Paroubek Petrine comments on the remark that he does not want the divorce to be handed down on the street. "Although Petra has some serious findings, he has the duty to report to the police in the Czech Republic and he has to confirm or stop lying," he added firmly.


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