The woman fell to the Adriatic Sea: she searched for 10 hours

The British fell off a large cruise ship on Saturday shortly before midnight. She spent 10 hours in the Adriatic Sea!

The Croatian Coast Guard saved the British on Sunday morning, spending 10 hours at night in the Adriatic Sea, where she fell from the deck of a cruise ship.

The British fell into the sea on Saturday at 23.45 hrs CET and the rescue operation ran at 6.30 hrs CEST. A lifeboat on board the coastguard received her at 9:45 am CEST. It was about 1300 meters from the location of the accident and 60 nautical miles from the port of Vargarola in Pula, from where the rescue operation began.

An unidentified woman transferred herself to a hospital in Pula on Sunday in the northeastern peninsula of Istria, and reportedly is outside mortal danger, reported AP agency press release

The woman fell on Saturday shortly before midnight Norwegian Star Ship to the Sea About 95 kilometers from the Croatian coast

To help a Croatian rescue worker found her on Sunday morning to swim in the sea near the spot where she had fallen into the water. Captain of the lifeboat Lovro Oreskovic said that the woman was exhausted and added: "We were very happy with saving human life."


                     The Slovakian ship

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