Theresa May rejects compromises in discussions with the European Union and another referendum on brexite

LONDON, 2 September ( – British Prime Minister Theresa May has once again opposed the call for a new referendum on the withdrawal of the country from the European Union (EU).

In a telegram text on Sunday afternoon she wrote that it would be "The brutal betrayal of our democracy and … trust". "Millions of people have spoken out in the summer of 2016. In many cases, for the first time in decades, they believed in their voices that after years when they felt their politicians ignored, their voices would be heard," she wrote that if they asked again, it would be betrayal.

At the same time, the prime minister insists that he does not compromise negotiations with the EU unless they are in the national interest. The following months will be crucial for the future of the country, but it is determined to fulfill the British's democratic decision.

In the conversations about brexite, she said "Real progress" after the cabinet had drawn up a so-called Schequel plan in July, which led to the resignation of two ministers. Although the negotiations do not end well from the end, they ensure that they want to leave with a good deal and they are sure that they will be able to do so. However, the government is also ready to leave the union without an agreement.

Britain should leave the trade union in March 2019, but has not yet reached an agreement on future relationships. These must be closed by European leaders by November. People & # 39; s Vote asks for another referendum in the country where people can comment on a brexette agreement.

The information comes from and AP.

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