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23.08.2018 00:00

The six year old Swedish princess Estelle went to school in Stockholm.

The Swedish Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel, are quite often
to show the public as fairly ordinary mortals. And just like others
the parents of the small freshmen also took their daughter, Princess Estelle
(6) to school.

On August 21, the 6-year-old princess was chosen by her parents
for the first time at school. Parents wrote her to the Campus Manila private school
Stockholm. Photos of this event have been published on their site,
Swedish royal palace.

The firstborn daughter of Princess Viktoria goes out with her backpack
hold their parents' hands. In a blue blouse and a pale sweater
she smiles at her classmates. They are then on the school bench with them
and the smile on her face reveals that stress can not even be speech. first
day at school is just fun for the little princess.

As the Swedish newspaper Expressen informs, Estelle goes to
schools with the bus together with other children, no special facilities on
they do not wait for the device.

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