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On Sunday, her moderator Erika Barkola chose to live in Vienna to watch the live performance of the phenomenal Justin Timberlake. Lucia opted for an extremely sexy outfit for this occasion. Although both ladies looked great, Lucia surprised just a bit more. What she wore did not even remind her of a serious form of news broadcast.

The concert was chosen in tight jeans, high heels and a pretty daring toff. He revealed next to the crinkle the curves of her bust and far, with the overall look she looked like a twenty-year-old. Well, if Justin did not notice her during the concert, she sure made her a few more masculine eyes.

Lucia Barmosova and Erika Barkol selected for a Justin Timberlake concert.

This is the look «

Source: Instagram

Do you think Lucia should dress like that more often?

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