Thousands of people have evacuated the secret in Japan

Cimaron, accompanied by strong winds and lizards, drove on Friday in western Japan, where the authorities ordered the evacuation of 10,000 inhabitants. Several people have sustained injuries.

In some areas registered precipitation occurred and in the Kinki region there was a shortage of electricity for approximately 45,000 households, reported NHK. On Friday morning dozens of flights were canceled, the day before in 350 cases.

The authorities have warned of landslides, submerged rivers and lakes in many areas of the country at a time when the twenty-first season secretaries were on their way to the northern island of Hokkaido. The wind reached a maximum speed of 144 kilometers per hour. Van Hokkaide is expected to have a rainfall of up to 150 millimeters.

In early July, massive floods and landslides caused by lejaks demanded more than 220 deaths in Japan, destroying many houses and roads.

In the subsequent wave of heat, when the temperature in some areas rose to over 40 degrees Celsius, more than 130 people died of sunburn, DPA recalls

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