Three earthquakes in western Iran have two victims and 241 injured

Two deaths and 241 wounded, according to state media, claimed three earthquakes that reached western part of Iran in the early hours of the morning. The USGS US Geological Survey has determined the size of the strongest of them at 6.0. The other two earthquakes were weaker, magnitude 4.4 and 4.2, reported AP.

Strong shocks were registered at 2.43 am local time in an area 26 kilometers southwest of the city of Djavanrud in the province of Kermanshah in western Iran.

This same area was hit by a heavy earthquake – from magnitude 7.3 – and last November. At least 530 people died and thousands of members injured.

The epicenter of Sunday's earthquake was about ten kilometers below the earth's surface. As the CNN TV station said, the most recent earthquake in Iran was also felt by the Iraqi metropolis of Baghdad, which is located 342 kilometers from the Iranian border.

The Iranian state television reported that one of the two victims of a natural disaster on Sunday reported so far a 70-year-old man who had a heart attack during the earthquake.

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