Three people died in the suicide attack

At least three people have died and four others have sustained injuries while attacking a suicide bomber in a car full of explosives at a local office in the Somali metropolis Mogadishu.

AP reported to the local police on Sunday. Police captain Muhammad Hussein said that the attacker had first tried to pass the vehicle through the control room, but the security units stopped him.

This encouraged him to fire a vehicle full of explosives at the gate of the local office.

Hussein added that they had been injured especially young students from the nearby Islamic school that hit the explosion. Authorities have warned that the number of victims may increase, because the explosion also damaged buildings in the suburbs, including the mosque. There is no one to report responsibility for the attack. In Somalia, an active extremist Islamic group Ash-Shabab, a detachment of al-Qaida, often attacks large areas in the capital Mogadishu.

A bomb attack by truck Last October he killed 512 people in an attack with the largest number of casualties in Somalia. Only a few attacks since 11 September 2001 have killed more people. The debt, like Shabab, was built up by the authorities.

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