Tourists and internship. Interestingly, the Czech Republic has exchanged accommodation and restaurants

More and more Czechs spend part of the holiday in their country

19. Aug 2018 at 18:24 TASR

PRAGUE. More and more people spend part of their holiday in their country. In the first half of 2018, according to the Czech Bureau of Statistics, the number of domestic tourists increased by almost 400,000 to 4.6 million

. However, the growing interest of tourists is also reflected in the increase in accommodation costs and other services in the tourism industry.

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Tourists are paid

In some regions there is a cup of coffee up to 65 kronor (2.53 euro), which corresponds to the tourist center of Prague.

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In the capital, according to statistics from the Association of Hotels and Restaurants, the average price of the hotel room increased by more than CZK 50 per night. One night comes in a four-star hotel for CZK 1860.

In July the prices of recreation in the Czech Republic rose by 3.1%. According to the analyst Vaclav Franco of Deloitte, however, the revaluation does not reflect the usual price fluctuations, ie the rise in prices during the tourist season in summer or winter.

The services for tourists in the Czech Republic have also increased in comparison with the year, which is also visible on the basic items of the consumer basket.

Only four years ago the average beer prices rose by four crowns

Czechs spend more holiday at home by

Four months ago, accommodation providers recorded 7.5 million domestic customers per year,

. For this year the head office of the tourism that they will spend at home 10% more people at home

"The Czechs are used to one day, a maximum of two larger holidays and then a series of shorter weekend stays outside the main season," said the head of the department.

For the majority of national holidays they choose a summer vacation.

"In July and in the previous part of August about 2.8 million Czechs were housed in the Czech Republic and 2.2 million foreign tourists," Machová added.

At the same time, their number in accommodation facilities exceeds foreign visitors. The interest of Czech tourists in domestic holidays began to rise in 2015. Then the number of people who went abroad on holiday because of security problems, for example in Egypt

In addition to four-star hotels in cheaper accommodations, a more substantial price increase was noted. 19659014] Rastú i ceny v restauracích

Together with the accommodation costs the prices in restaurants also grow. This was the main price increase between 2016 and 2017.

The price increase was reflected in an increase in restaurant sales in 2017, although about a tenth of the visitors had traveled in the traditional smoking sector

. of the last holiday account in the Czech Republic will also be reflected in the prices of tickets to castles and other monuments

These costs are partially increased in the context of the change in the calculation of the National Monument Award in 2017.

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