Tragedy in a holiday destination of Slovaks: the bus collapsed into a gap, 15 people died

Not far from Sofia, Bulgaria collapsed the bus, killing at least 15 people and another 27 injured. The police confirmed that the bus was cheering tourists for a weekend trip to a nearby resort when they turned around and fell to a side road 20 meters below the highway. I

the enemy was on Saturday at 5:10 pm at that time, about 20 kilometers from Sofia. The number of deaths was confirmed by Health Minister Kiril Ananiev. They sent a number of sanitaria to the wounded to the hospitals in the capital.

According to doctors, some of the injuries were in critical condition. It is not yet known where the victims came from. The government declared the state mourning on Monday. According to the Sofia Globe portal, the bus had to be lifted with several cars placed opposite one another. About 20 ambulances had to be sent.

Slovaks are not among the victims

Victims and injured in a bus accident on Saturday evening in Bulgaria should not be Slovak citizens. TASR informed the director of the press department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Igor Skocek.

He appealed to the consulate of the embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia, who had communicated with the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior.

We will update the message.

Tragic bus accidents

YEAR 2017

January 20, ITALY

The bus with students from the Hungarian gymnasium, who returned from a ski trip in France, collapsed on the A4 in the Italian city of Verona before midnight. The vehicle collided with the throat after a collision in the bridge. The accident required 17 deaths.

April 2 – SWEDEN

Three victims of life and about 28 wounded claimed a traffic accident in central Sweden, where a bus with 50 schoolboys and several adults flew out of the way and waved to the side. The accident took place on a motorway near Sveg in the Härjedalen region.

YEAR 2016

March 20, SPAIN

A cruisebus accident took place near the city of Tarragona in northeastern Spain. He led 57 students who returned to Barcelona. Thirteen of them died and 43 suffered injuries. An injured student came from Slovakia.

June 21st – SERBIA

The bus from the Slovak travel agency Aeolus collapsed near Alexinac in central Serbia. The accident caused the lives of five passengers. Another 14 wounded were transferred to the hospital.

YEAR 2015

August 5 – RUSSIA

In the collision of two buses in the east of Russia, 16 people and members died more than 50 injured. The crash reached the highway that spanned the city of Khabarovsk on the Chinese border with the city of Komsomolsk on Amur. The driver of one of the buses went in the opposite direction to use the construction vehicles that had repaired the road. Then he lost control of the vehicle.

Year 2014

November 9 – SPAIN

In southeastern Spain, in the village of Venta de Olivia in the Murcia region, 14 people died in the night after the bus left the road and the slope collapsed. Another 41 people suffered injuries. The bus towered mostly young people from a religious event in Madrid and collapsed only 60 kilometers in front of the target, the village of Bullas. Ten people died on the spot, four other passengers suffered serious injuries later in the hospital.

31 October – TURKEY

In the south of Turkey a bus collapsed with employees who traveled to work in a nearby apple orchard. 28 people injured in the accident. In the case of 17 victims of life, they were predominantly women.

YEAR 2013

June 23 – BLACK HORA

Nineteen dead have claimed a Romanian bus crash that took place on the road between Kolašin and Podgorica in Montenegro. A bus with 46 passengers left the road and crashed into the gorge of the Morača River. Victims and injured were Romanian citizens.

ROK 2012

July 21 – TURKEY

Thirteen people died and ten members suffered injuries in the eastern province of Agri in the eastern province of Agri, when a bus to Erzurum, a company that transported employees, collided with a truck. A tire failure was signed under the accident, after which the driver lost control of the vehicle.


The Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo has proclaimed a state that mourns after a bus that brought back schoolboys from a training camp into a tunnel at the Swiss village of Sierre. 28 people were killed, including 22 children and four teachers who accompanied school children.

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