Tragic death in Croatia! Mladý farář Marek († 38) of Trenčín died immediately on the first holiday

Marshal Marshal Margaret died tragically on a holiday in Croatia on the very first day. She informed the parish in Nedašov, where the priest had worked since 2015. According to our information, Father Martiška went on vacation with her two cousins. He arrived in Croatia on Monday night.

In the afternoon he went to the desert and it became fatal to him. The priest had problems with high blood pressure. There were many Slovaks and Czechs at the place of destination, who got him out of the water and gave him first aid on the coast. But the rescue worker had only reported death. A forensic autopsy was ordered to accurately determine the cause of death.

Information about death was also confirmed by the pastor Miroslav Lysičan from Omšenie. "Father Martišek was a very popular and successful priest and his death has struck us all." Father Lysican told Topky.

Priest Marek Martiška tragic

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Father Martiška, however, came from Slovakia, especially from Trenčín. From 2005 to 2007 he was a chapel on the farm in Dudince.

In 2015 he was administrator at Hrádek u Vlašim and from 2015 a parish administrator in the Czech city Nedašov, where he was very popular. He died on Monday at the age of 38.

Pohřeb after Slovensku

The body of the priest is delivered today at 13.00. There is a planned mass in Nedašov and the road to the cross from where the body will be taken to Slovakia, where Father Martiška will hold a funeral, which will take place on Saturday in Omšenie.

The Czech parish also offered buses for people who wanted to say goodbye to the priest. The fact that the priest was popular in his presbytery also shows a number of intoxicating reactions and the sharing of status with which the parish was aware of the tragic death of the pastor.

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