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Silhouette of Donald Trump on the background of the White House window. The president admitted that the money to silence two women who claim to have sex with him was his.

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In April he also said that he did not know where the $ 130,000 of his lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid for porn star Stormy Daniels because he left his tough story for himself. Half a year later, the chief of the White House speaks very differently. After Cohen admitted at Tuesday's court that not only Stormy Daniels, but also Playboya model Karen McDougal claimed to be in a relationship with Married Donald Trump, the US president admitted that the money came from him.

"The day after the triumphant truth and facts, America is back again
alternative reality, "said Trump's turn to CNN.
who has signed an agreement on vines and punishment, recognized in court that the money both
paid women, including a fraudulently obtained mortgage to get you
at the time of the culminating election campaign forced their silence on the Trumps
violations. Money transferred through fake companies led him to Trump, he says
prosecuted lawyer. According to US prosecutors, this is a violation
of campaign financing laws, because the expenses are immediate
regarding the elections did not appear in officially verified statements.

& # 39; They were mine, & # 39; Trump said in an interview that she had told him
at the Fox News TV station. Six months ago in journalism
the question he knows where Cohen has taken the money to pay Stormy Daniels, the boss
White House answered categorically: "I do not know."

However, Trump continues to say that he was not aware of the financial transaction in advance.
"I did not know until then," he told Fox News. "Money
did not come from campaign financing … it was money for the campaign, that's what they were
my, "he said." When I heard this (about the admission of Cohen)
my first question was – did they withdraw money from the campaign? Then it would be
a little problem. But from the campaign or what was great, it was not a violation
rules, "he added.

The new statement by President is completely inconsistent with what Cohen
he testified under oath to the court of New York. According to him, Trump pays for him
Stormy Daniels and McDougal have been instructed to increase their chances in the elections.
He also stated that the payment was paid to him by the Trump organization, the company
the overarching presidents of business. The president will pay the money in May
he confessed, continue to deny the stories of both women.

The prosecutors in the case of Cohen, in contrast to the head of the White House
believe that the funds spent are related to the campaign. They should be that
registered because they would prevent the harmful scandal of the Trump
in a fight with a Hillary Clinton striker.

Cohen admitted to the court on the eight counts of the indictment. Based on
Agreements with prosecutors may be expected in December
a fine reduced from 65 to five and a quarter. Cohen & # 39; s defender Lanny
Davis, however, argues that if his mandate committed a crime that he is
Trump, so why would he be alone?

Trump as the acting president can not stand before the ordinary court. to be
the debt could only be assessed by Congress through the deposition process.
The research, however, should prove that money for both women is for silence
not for the sake of protecting personal reputation, but not to spoil it
your image of the presidential candidate.

Asked Fox News if he feared the Democrats after November
the congressional elections are held by the Lower House, they can oppose it
to start the deposition process, Trump reacted with his own confidence:
"I do not know how you could address someone who is doing such a great job
work. If they were to appeal, I think the markets would collapse. & # 39;

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