Two people died in a serious traffic accident in Brno

The accident took place on a highway in Kyjov, near the village of Sokolnice in the district Brno-land.

Two people were killed and two others suffered injuries in the collision of three passenger cars, which took place on Saturday morning in the Czech Republic on a highway in Kyjov near Sokolnice in the district of Brno. This is Nova's news story.

The traffic accident took place between 8 am and 9 am. "There have been three personal vehicles – unfortunately there are two deaths and two serious injuries." The police led the traffic together with the city guards, spokeswoman Petra Hrůzová told

Speed ​​and skewness

The accident was probably due to the fact that the yellow car, probably the Peugeot, was too fast and slid on the wet road. Then he came to the green factory and flew about 50 meters into the field.

One of the cars was also hit by the red honda, which hit the worst three: two likely older people who were in the front of the vehicle died on the spot. Two rear passengers suffered moderate to very serious injuries.

Highway closure no. 380 near Sokolnice takes about 15.15 hours, concludes his TV Nova information.

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