UN Commissioner for Human Rights: Trump is responsible for the perception of the media

More than 350 American newspapers published the editorial articles last Thursday in which they resisted President Trump's attacks on press freedom. Trump often refers to articles that criticize him as "fake news" and the media as the enemy of the people. "Labeling the media in this way is worrying" the Jordanian chief and diplomat said in a comprehensive interview for Reuters, AP and AFP only a few days before the end of his term.

"The president must be aware that he has a great responsibility over the way the media is plotted" Hussein said. "Because this has a demonstrating effect – the same will be done by other leaders in the authoritarian environment.We have seen how they imitate President Trump, so what can be a difficult situation in other countries now is for the functioning of the media and the work of journalists makes it even more difficult to discover stories, so that lawyers can do their jobs and human rights defenders can do their work, " Zajd Council Husajn pointed out.

Trump's statements reflect the opinion of many conservatives that many media misrepresent, create or omit facts because of their bias. The Republican president has said that he supports the principles of press freedom, but many of what the media say are fake reports & # 39; mentioned, Reuters added.

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