UN: Trump gives a bad example of media behavior

The UN can collapse without change, five countries have too much power, Hussein said.

20. Aug. 2018 o 22:27 TASR

GENEVA. The US President Donald Trump bears' great responsibility & # 39; the observed media and its statements can have an effect that can damage journalists in other countries.

On Monday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zayd Council Hussein, declared this to the United Nations in Geneva.

More than 350 American newspapers published the editorial articles last Thursday in which they resisted President Trump's attacks on press freedom.

Trump as a bad example for others

Trump often refers to articles that criticize him as "fake news" and the media as the enemy of the people.

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"Labeling media in this way is worrying," Jordan's chief and diplomat told Reuters, AP and AFP a few days before the end of his term.

"The president must be aware that he has a lot of responsibility for the way the media is displayed, because it has a demonstrating effect – the same will happen by other leaders in the authoritarian environment," said Hussein.

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"We have seen how President Trump is being imitated, so what is already a difficult situation in other countries is becoming more difficult for the functioning of the media and the work of journalists to find stories for lawyers who do their work and to protect human rights. they could do their job ", said Zajd Council Husajn.

Trump's statements reflect the opinion of many conservatives that many media misrepresent, create or omit facts because of their bias.

The Republican president has said that he supports the principles of press freedom, but many of what the media say are fake reports & # 39; mentioned, Reuters added.

The UN can collapse without change

Zajd Raad Hussein also noted that five permanent members of the UN Security Council have too much authority within the United Nations.

Hussein added that this world organization "can collapse" without change.

Husajn, according to the AP, called a number of Member States that the & # 39; pentarchy & # 39; of Great Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States has too much influence on the functioning of the organization.

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The Jordanian prince and diplomat, who was not scheduled for another quarter of the post in the post of commissioner, will surrender the mandate of his successor, the former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, on 31 August.

As the AP said, the quoted revelations are an example of its previous call for reform of a world organization facing problems, such as the devastating seven and a half years of war in Syria or rising nationalism.

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