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American soldiers in Afghanistan.

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The United States will take an aggressive stance Monday against the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, and threaten to punish it if it continues to investigate alleged war crimes committed by the Americans in Afghanistan. Reuters reported.

White House Security Adviser John Bolton advises on
the afternoon of the local time in its execution on the conservative soil
the Federalist Society in Washington. It will be Bolton's first major
speech from the beginning of President Donald Trump's advisor.

"The United States will use all means necessary to protect itself
their citizens and their allies against unlawful prosecution
illegal court, "says Bolton, according to the prepared text of the speech,
which was received by Reuters.

Bolton also announces the plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to close
Office of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PPE) in Washington. American
the government is afraid that the Palestinians will try to initiate
ICC & # 39; s investigation into Israel. As Reuters adds, the OOP office in Washington
did not immediately comment.

Israeli ally

"The United States is always on the side of our ally,
Israel, "writes in Bolton's speech.

It also states that if the ICC officially starts an investigation
allegations of war crimes committed by American soldiers and
intelligence experts during the war in Afghanistan, the American government

Press judges and prosecutors

If such an investigation is done, the Trump government will consider a ban
the admission of judges and prosecutors to the United States, the imposition of sanctions
all funds in the US financial system, and
their persecution in the US legal system.

In this connection, Reuters added that the ICC's purpose was set up earlier
the justice of perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and

The United States led by then President George W. Bush
the Treaty of Rome establishing the International Criminal Court in 2002 has not yet been ratified. several
Steps for collaboration with this organization were undertaken by his successor,
President Barack Obama.

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