USA: the main manufacturer of al-Qaeda bombs is dead

The United States has expressed the conviction that the al-Qaeda bomber, considered the main engine for a failed attempt to launch a US Air Force aircraft in 2009, died during the attack.

According to Reuters, two US officials said Tuesday despite the fact that others have pointed out inconclusive evidence.

Washington has long searched for Ibrahim bin Hasan Asirim, an al-Qaeda militia from Yemen. Asir is considered one of the world's most sought after bomb producers because of his ability to build hard-to-find explosives, including bombs implanted in the bodies of suicide bombers.

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Two unnamed American officials said they were convinced that Assyri had been killed. However, US intelligence officials have warned that the available evidence is not convincing. Experts from the UN Security Council monitoring the activities of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda published last week a report that some states reported Asir "was apparently killed in the second half of 2017".

Reuters recalls that the US Army and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been raided in Yemen. The reports about the death of Asirí have not been published.

Asir, according to researchers, produced a bomb hidden in Nigeria's underwear, accused of an unsuccessful attempt to destroy a 2009 airliner on its way to Detroit by Christmas 2009. The Nigerian serves several life sentences in prison. Asir, who was born in Saudi Arabia in 1982, was also accused of it his younger brother in 2009 recruited a failed suicide attempt to assassinate the then Saudi Arabian Vice Minister of Home Affairs.

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