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USA: These are the worst sanctions against Iran in history

The United States will apply even sharper sanctions against Tehran on Monday, six months after the resignation of an international agreement whereby Iran has restricted its nuclear program in exchange for abolishing sanctions. With them, Washington forbids all trade in Iranian oil, as well as international financial transactions with Iran.

The sanctions will be imposed on the Iranian energy, maritime and banking sectors. The United States has again imposed all sanctions or measures in place before 2015, when the agreement was signed, confirmed by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin. It will be the worst sanctions against Iran in history, Pompeo announced.

Of the sanctions, the US exempted eight countries that will continue to trade with Iranian oil, but on a much more limited scale, Pompeo announced. What are these countries, according to predictions, revealed Pompea on Monday. He confirmed that there would be no exception in the European Union.

"Donald Trump will be the biggest loser of new sanctions"

It is partly to dismiss the sanctions that the activities of the international banking communications network Swift, which is based in Belgium, have announced to Mnuchin with Iranian banks.

On Friday, Iran announced that it is not worried about the aggravation of US sanctions and the ban on Iranian oil exports and financial transactions. The top leader of Iran from Ayatollah Ali Hamnej however, he said he would be the American president Donald Trump the biggest loser of new sanctions.

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Companies will have to choose: Iran or the USA.

Companies from all over the world must, after enforcement of sanctions – choose the first bundle, accepted by the US at the beginning of August – between a case with Iran or the US. Iran and the rest of the parties to the 2015 historic agreement are working to enforce the agreement and the deals that have since been concluded.

The European Union, which wants to protect European companies against the consequences of US sanctions, also tries to trade with Iran. High Representative of the EU Federica Mogherini announced at the end of September that the EU would establish an institution to overcome US sanctions to resolve an agreement on Iran's nuclear program.

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The European Union has condemned the sanctions

After the meeting, which was attended by representatives from Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and Iran, in the margins of the UN General Assembly in New York, it was announced that they would establish a dedicated company, t. i. Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for "legal financial transactions" with Iran. This should enable European companies to continue their activities with Iran.

On Friday, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the European Union condemned the sanctions in a joint declaration and once again promised to protect European companies that legally operate with Tehran.

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The Court of The Hague ruled that sanctions violate a friendship agreement

The first package of sanctions against Iran was introduced by the US in early August. This is against the Iranian automobile sector, the sale of gold and other precious metals. They also imposed sanctions against large transactions in Iranian rivals and removed certain licenses for the import of goods from Iran, in particular Persian carpets and food products.

The US accuses Iran of deliberately destabilizing countries in the Middle East, such as Yemen and Syria, and although this is not formally part of the nuclear agreement, this was a sufficient reason for Trumpa's decision to step down in May.

In early October, the International Court of Justice in The Hague decided that the US would abolish sanctions against Iran for humanitarian goods. The court unanimously ruled that the sanctions were in violation of the 1955 Iran-US friendship agreement that the state had concluded prior to the Islamic Revolution. In response to the court's verdict, the US has also abandoned its friendship agreement with Iran.

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